Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to Qaqortoq?

There is year-round service with Air Greenland from Copenhagen or Reykjavik to Narsarsuaq, an airport located 50 km. east of Qaqortoq. From there, you can book boat or helicopter at Disko Line to Qaqortoq.


During summer, Air Iceland Connect offers direct flights from Reykjavik to Narsarsuaq.


Alternatively, contact your travel agent, who in most cases can arrange the whole trip.


Also, cruise ships from several cruise lines frequently visit the town during summer.

Do you do tours from other places than Qaqortoq?

Yes, depending on demand and availability, we can offer tours from all major locations in Southern Greenland.


Drop us a line on our contact form or at, then we will come up with a few good offers and suggestions.

What happens if the weather prevents flights?

Unfortunately, especially in the arctic, weather conditions can quickly prevent flights. Even if the conditions are safe for flight, if we deem that the tour will not be as enjoyable as planned due to visibility, turbulence or other factors, we reserve the right to change your trip.


In such cases, we offer to delay the flight during the same day, book another day, or cancel with full refund.

Can we take pictures from an open window?

In general, yes. But that is conditioned with pilot’s approval of the gear used, with regards to preventing it from falling out. Also, we assume no responsibility of any kind for damage or loss of equipment.


If you are a professional photographer, we can offer to remove one or more of the doors for ultimate possibilities of aerial photography. (Conditions and configuration fee applies)

Will I have a window seat?

In most tours yes. We usually swap seats after each landing, so everyone gets a window seat at leasts once between the ground stops. Our helicopters have almost only window seats, so even a middle seat offers good visibility to both sides since it is only one seat away from the large windows.

Can I get a ride on the front seat?

There is a front seat available and we like to offer it. But using it will depend on the pilot’s calculation of the weight and balance of the helicopter. We also like to swap seats between passengers after each landing to give most passengers a chance to try the front seat. So, if you advise that during booking or checking in, we will do our best to accommodate.

Will I get air sick of riding in a helicopter?

It depends. For most people, the good outside references through the large windows prevents one from getting airsick compared to airplanes. For a few, that can be of less effect, in which case our pilots will be very helpful in showing how to use the air vents, bags and calm talking though the intercom.

Will we be able to talk to each other during the flight?

Yes, absolutely. Our helicopters are equipped with individual headsets, so everyone can talk to each other. That’s also how the pilot guides you throughout the tour. There will be a few moments during some phases of flight where you won’t be able to talk to the pilot during radio calls.

What clothes should we wear?

The helicopter is heated. But on ground stops, especially on or near the glaciers, it can get quite chilly. So windproof or lightly padded clothing is recommended even in the summer, together with good running/hiking shoes or boots since the terrain can be rugged.

Can I make my own route?

Yes definitely! Send us an email of your thoughts and wishes, and we will come up with a plan and pricing.

Where do we meet before the flight?

The point of contact is Qaqortoq Heliport, operated by the airport authorities Mittarfeqarfiit, who also serves other companies like Disko Line and Air Greenland. The address is Krudthusvej 1193.

We are fewer than the minimum number of persons

Don’t worry; send us an email or use the contact form and we will put you on a share list to try to pair you up with another team.


You also have the option of paying up to the minimum number required, then your booking will be confirmed as your own private tour.

Is there a weight limit?

Just like in some airlines, for safety and comfort, we require to buy and occupy what’s equal to 1,5 seats if you weigh 115 kg (254 lbs) or more. We kindly ask you to make a note of that during booking.

Do we see whales from the air?

That is a very real possibility, even though we can’t guarantee that. If not, there is also often seals and marine birds to see from the air.

What are your departure times?

Our departure times are very flexible, according to yours and other costumers needs.


Please make a note when booking, if you prefer morning or afternoon departure, then we will plan accordingly. You will receive a more precise time with your booking confirmation.

What if I need special assistance?

We have accessibility for wheelchairs, and our staff will always help out in boarding and leaving.


Wheelchairs don’t fit in the helicopter but can easily be stored in a secure place at the heliport while you are out on adventure.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made in writing by email and confirmed by us.


We are obliged to charge following:


Less than 3 weeks and more than 3 days: 10% of booked price

Less than 3 days and more than 1 day: 50% of booked price

Less than 1 day: 80% of booked price

How can we contact you?

We are very flexible with contact platforms. We accept email, online contact form, phone, text message, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber and Facebook. You can see further in the Contact page.


However, a booking, cancellation or rescheduling is only valid when confirmed by email from us.

Which tours includes a landing in the nature?

All of them except the Iceberg tour. And that is the amazing part of flying with us, we can reach untouched nature in minutes, land on amazing picturesque landscape and explore first hand.