Eric the Red Tour

Take a step back in time and follow the amazing trails of both the Vikings, Inuit and more recent Europeans with this special trip to several UNESCO World Heritage sites.




Normal: 7.100 DKK per person



2.5 – 3 Hours






4 Persons

Meeting Point

We will meet at Qaqortoq Heliport. View map

Meeting Time

Please show up 10 minutes before departure


We don’t offer pick-up, but can help you with ordering taxi if required


Eric the Red Tour

The tour starts with a trip past town of Narsaq, then follows the panoramic Sermilik ice fiord with 5000-foot mountain walls and rows of waterfalls on one side, rows of glaciers on another; and follow icebergs, blue ice and black ice into the bottom of the fiord where they are born.

Here at Jacky’s Point, we land next to a 3,5 km wide ice wall that continuously calves huge chucks of ice that fills up the air with rumbling sounds and the fiords with ice –making them impenetrable by normal boats.

The tour continues flying through green valleys, past the old WW2 air base Narsarsuaq, still active today as a gateway to south Greenland, then land and explore the village of Qassiarsuk. It is the place where the famous Eric the Red settled as the first Viking more than 1000 years ago after being evicted from Iceland, and named the land Greenland, and the village Brattahlid, still populated by modern day Inuit farmers today.

When we continue the flight, we follow the other major fiord out past another old Viking village, the amazingly idyllic Igaliku, then onwards to our last stop at Hvalsey where you can explore extremely well-preserved ruins of church, houses and livestock areas.

By reading old Icelandic saga’s, one can get quite detailed descriptions of life and events that took place in those old Viking villages in the more than 500 years the population lasted.



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